Conference: Day 2

Today was the second day of the conference. I spoke again four times. I am thankful for the air conditioned church where I am speaking as this makes things much easier. Dr. Andrew Lian Pau has been translating for me and has done a good job. It has been more difficult to be translated into Burmese than other languages I have had translated as it seems that it take much longer to communicate in this language. They have to use more words to communicate the same idea.

I believe the Lord has given me grace as I teach on the book of Hosea. The believers have been very patient as we have worked our way through this material.

I felt that the Lord put on my heart to leave Andrew with US$50 for the translation he did for me these days. It is always hard to know what to give but he makes about $5 a day for his work at the seminary. This provides him with three times this daily amount. I trust that even this small amount will be a blessing for him and his family.