Conference Completed

We have completed the Bible Conference. The Lord seemed to bless. It is hard to tell what the impact of this conference has been but I am placing it in the Lord's hands. Henry tells me that the response has been very favorable. He was happy that we focused on teaching the Scripture.

At the end of the day books were handed out to each of the participants. They each received all four of my books that we have translated into Burmese. Henry told me that these believers were very happy to get these books.

I felt the Lord leading me last night to give $20 to each of the cooks as a token of appreciation for what they did. Henry was using the money I had sent to him to pay them but I felt I wanted to offer my own appreciation to them. One of the cooks came to me later to say that no one had ever given her a gift like that before. She went away blessed. What a privilege it is to bless these brothers and sisters.