Conference: Day 1

I was picked up at the hotel at about 8:45 am and driven to the church where we had our first day of conference. Henry said that they invited 20 more people so there were about 144 people present. The meeting began with some singing. The hymn tunes were very familiar but were sung in Burmese.

The meetings were held in a large Baptist church. This church has about 300 members but according to Henry is quite liberal theologically. Adorim Judson worked in this city but Henry tells me that for the most part, the people in Yangon were not responsive to his message so he went into the mountainous region and had more success. The denomination he was part of here has become liberal theologically.

I had two sessions in the morning and another two in the afternoon. We started at 9 am and concluded at 2pm. Professor Andrew translated for me. Those who attended seemed to be quite attentive to the message.

I returned to the hotel at about 3 o'clock, washed some clothes, rested and prepared for the second day.