Berean Evangelical School of Theology

I checked out of the hotel at the airport at 7:45 after breakfast. Henry and Nini came to meet me in the seminary truck. The school was about 40 minutes from the airport. Henry and I had the opportunity to speak about the history of Myanmar and the Buddhist religion in the country.

We arrived at the Berean Evangelical Seminary of Theology and were greeted by Andrew Lian who is a professor with a PhD who serves as the director of the school in charge of teaching, administration and the general oversight of the facility. I also met his wife Tutu. They live on the school campus. He and his wife receive $150 a month for their service at the school.

I spoke to Andrew and Henry about the school. They are located on a 5 acre lot of property about 40 minutes from the Yangon airport in a township called Mingaladon. The seminary started in 1998 and currently has 16 students. These student stay on campus as they study for their Master of Divinity degree. There was an equal number of men and women.

As most of the students cannot afford the tuition the school depends heavily on scholarships. They are currently able to accept 20 students. Henry told me that they have graduated 21 students who have been ministering in various parts of the country.

The school has between 5-6,000 English books. All subjects are taught in English so that the student can use the English books for their work. Very little is available in the Burmese language for these students. I am thankful to the Lord for the privilege of being able to offer these students four books in their own language.

I am still struggling with jet lag. I am going to bed between 8 and 9 and waking up at 1am. I have Monday to relax and prepare for the conference on Tuesday.